Krina de Cavalo Nanovin A Tratamento Capilar

Nanovin A

Krina de Cavalo Nanovin A Hair Treatment

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Krina de Cavalo Nanovin A Hair Treatment

Krina de Cavalo brings Nanovin A, a hair treatment that nourishes your hair from the root, enriched with vitamins A and B and a mix of medicinal herbs that helps hair grow naturally. The build-up of oil on the scalp and reduced blood circulation suffocate the hair bulb, killing the hair from the inside out. With efficient cleansing and a powerful combination of active ingredients, Nanovin A Horse Krina cares for your scalp and induces growth. The sooner you start baldness treatment, the better your chances of reversing it. If the follicles are left without hair for too long, they will lose their ability to function and baldness will become permanent. Natural treatments are a gentler and often more effective alternative for treating hair loss, as they do not contain synthetic chemicals.

- Stimulates growth;
- Increases cell proliferation;
- Restores the health of the hair bulb;
- Induces hair growth;
- Restores hair density.