Kit Salon Line S.O.S Bomba Shampoo 200ml+Condicionador 200ml

Salon Line

SOS Bomba Shampoo Kit 200ml + Conditioner 200ml

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The kit contains:
01 Salon Line S.O.S Bomba De Vitaminas Shampoo 200ml;

01 Salon Line S.O.S Vitamin Pump Conditioner 200ml

The S.O.S Bomba De Vitaminas line is perfect for strong, healthy hair. Its formula, developed to help healthy hair growth, promotes hydration and strength, leaving hair visibly more beautiful and healthy.

SOS Bomba Shampoo provides effective cleansing, removing residues that hinder hair growth, everything you need for your hair to grow full of life.

Rich in vitamins that combat hair loss and help strengthen hair, moisturizing and combating dryness.

The Conditioner has nutrients that promote nourishment to the hair, sealing the hair cuticles leaving them aligned, helping to recover the vitality and natural shine of the hair, bringing an explosion of emollience to the hair.

Active ingredients:

- Whey Protein is rich in essential amino acids, which restore damaged hair fibers.

- Vitamin A strengthens hair and aids healthy growth.

- D-Panthenol moisturizes and improves the texture of the fibre, combating split ends.

- Biotin helps prevent hair loss, stimulates growth and strengthens hair.

- Castor oil moisturizes, combats hair loss due to breakage, strengthens and deeply recovers hair, as well as aiding healthy growth.

How to use: With wet hair, apply the shampoo, massaging it into a lather and thoroughly lathering all the strands. Repeat the application. After this process, remove excess water and apply the conditioner from length to ends, massaging it in, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse out all the product.

About the brand: Salon Line, one of Brazil's largest cosmetics manufacturers, has been following the evolution of Brazilian women for over 15 years. All this experience has made the company an expert in the female universe. The company is always investing in new technologies and products, in order to offer its clients, consumers and professionals the best in the world of cosmetics. A 100% national company, its aim is to specialize in the beauty of Brazilian women. Always developing high-tech products, Salon Line makes its slogan its reality: Valuing all beauties.