Lily Body Satin Cream + Aerosol Kit 75g

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Lily Body Satin Cream + Aerosol Kit 75g

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Lily Deodorant Moisturizing Satin Cream & OBoticário Perfumed Oil

You are buying: 01 Lily Body Deodorant Moisturizing Satin Cream 250g 01 Lily Aerosol Deodorant 75gr Floral Bouquet Olfactory Family 1 Gift box (The box will be sent according to stock availability, the image is merely illustrative).

Lily Body Deodorant Satin Cream 250g

Its velvety-soft texture glides easily over the skin. Composed of Shea Butter that creates a protective film and Vitamin E, the body cream provides protected skin and hydration for up to 48 hours, absorbs quickly for a dry skin sensation.

Lily Aerosol Antiperspirant Deodorant 75g/125ml

Eliminate perspiration odors with Lily Aerosol Antiperspirant Deodorant, which offers 48 hours of intensive protection.

Its formula contains no alcohol or dyes, is quick-drying, dry to the touch and minimizes the appearance of white residue, preventing stains on dark clothing.