Cronograma Capilar Kit - Fashion Gold


Cronograma Capilar Kit - Fashion Gold

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The medulla is the central layer of the hair that supports the structure of the strand. It is a layer of cells from the cortex that no longer contains water inside. When weakened by chemicals or other wear and tear, the hair loses resistance and is easier to break and fall out. In addition to leaving the hair unstructured to receive other chemical procedures, such as coloring, bleaching, progressive brushing, etc.
With a high concentration of Keratin and Plant Amino Acids, #CRONOGRAMACAPILAR FASHION GOLD regenerates and restructures the MEDULA of the hair, restoring vitality to this essential part of hair health. It locks in nutrients through its exclusive OrthoReconstructor® technology.
Instant Action: Immediate Benefits

The cortex is the second and main layer of the hair shaft. It concentrates high levels of hydrogen and oxygen which are responsible for the internal hydration of the hair. It is also responsible for retaining the keratin that defines the elasticity and resistance of the hair.
When the cortex of the hair is unstructured or damaged by chemicals and other factors, it is impossible to have beautiful, silky and healthy hair.

With its formula rich in Amino Acids and Plant Ceramides, #CRONOGRAMACAPILAR FASHION GOLD regenerates and restructures the cortex of the hair, recovering the protein mass of the strands. It gives the hair substance and strengthens it through its exclusive OrthoReconstructor® technology, which balances the elasticity of the hair, generating a powerful anti-frizz effect.
Instant Action: Immediate Benefits

The cuticle is the outer part of the hair, made up of overlapping scales that together provide protection for the hair. The cuticle is resistant to the external actions (physical and chemical) that the hair undergoes. When in contact with strong chemicals, it loses its natural strength, leaving the hair fragile and dull. When the hair cuticles are damaged, frizz increases significantly, making it difficult to comb the hair and its natural alignment, leaving the hair without balance and vitality.
With exclusive OrthoReconstructor® technology, #CRONOGRAMACAPILAR FASHION GOLD regenerates and restructures the hair's CUTICLE, leaving the hair looking hydrated, with intense shine and naturalness.
Instant Action: Immediate Benefits

In addition to all these benefits, here's another reason to fall in love with #CRONOGRAMACAPILAR FASHION GOLD
Its high-performance, instantly effective formula prevents the damaging "Build Up Effect". This is the accumulation of product residue in the hair fiber, which leaves the hair heavy, dull, without movement and with that "dirty hair" look. This happens when we use the same products for a long time or when we always do the same types of treatments, such as moisturizing, for example.

This way you can introduce the 3 STEPS of #CRONOGRAMACAPILAR FASHION GOLD into your daily hair maintenance, without worrying about unwanted cumulative effects.

You can even adapt the steps to suit your needs!

Don't miss out and get your hair hydrated, nourished and reconstructed like never before.