HC Cachos dos Sonhos Complete Kit - 300ml
HC Cachos dos Sonhos Complete Kit - 300ml
HC Cachos dos Sonhos Complete Kit - 300ml
HC Cachos dos Sonhos Complete Kit - 300ml
HC Cachos dos Sonhos Complete Kit - 300ml
HC Cachos dos Sonhos Complete Kit - 300ml

Hemerson dos Cachos

HC Cachos dos Sonhos Complete Kit - 300ml

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The Cachos dos Sonhos line - Hemerson dos Cachos, is your new favorite that will make you rock with wonderful curls!!! Its formula has been specially developed for type 3A, 3B and 3C curls. Promotes protection and vitality every day. Enriched with Grape Seed Oil, Aloe Vera and D' Panthenol, it moisturizes dry ends and prevents hair loss. Helps hair growth and strengthens strands.

No more dry, damaged and dull curls! Get life, softness, freedom and shine!

Benefits of the Curls of Dreams line

Grape seed oil is a great ally for nourishing and moisturizing hair, reducing porosity and fighting dandruff. It also helps to strengthen hair and combat hair loss and, as it has a very mild and pleasant fragrance, it leaves your hair smelling delicious. The good news is that using grape oil on your hair helps to define your curls.

Aloe vera - is a moisturizing active ingredient. It can be used to care for dry hair, whether due to chemicals or everyday damage. But moisturizing isn't the only advantage of using Aloe vera.
This ingredient is also a great option for those who suffer from thinning hair and need to make their hair stronger and more resistant. As well as preventing hair loss, it aids growth and can reduce dandruff on the scalp.

D Panthenol offers many benefits for your hair. As well as providing softness, strength and intense shine to all types of hair and improving the texture of chemically treated hair, it is essential for curly and frizzy hair, as it helps prevent the loss of water from the hair fibre, keeping it hydrated for longer. Its function is to promote deep hydration, as it has great penetrating power in the hair fibre, making it ideal for gradually repairing damage to fragile and damaged hair. Its action prevents breakage, reduces split ends and strengthens hair from root to tip.

How to use

1- Dream Curls Shampoo

Gently rinse the first time to remove any residue that hinders the full formation of foam. Rinse and repeat the curl washing process. Rinse thoroughly.

2 - Treatment Mask

After washing your hair, apply the Cachos dos Sonhos Treatment Mask - Hemerson dos Cachos all over your hair, strand by strand. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse and finish to your liking.

3 - Conditioner

After using Cachos dos Sonhos - Hemerson dos Cachos Shampoo, apply Cachos dos Sonhos - Hemerson dos Cachos Conditioner all over the hair, massage gently, rinse, comb and dry as normal.

4 - Combing Cream

With dry or damp hair, apply a small amount of Cachos dos Sonhos Combing Cream to the lengths and ends, do not rinse and finish by styling as desired.

5 - Miracle Gelatine

With clean, damp hair, apply Cachos dos Sonhos Gelatine - Hemerson dos Cachos, strand by strand, evenly over the lengths and ends. You can apply it in two ways: 1) To make the hair more flexible, with more bounce, use more cream and less gelatine. 2) To make the hair stiffer, with less bounce, use more gelatine and less cream.