Amend Gold Black Straightening Kit (2 Products)
Amend Gold Black Straightening Kit (2 Products)
Amend Gold Black Straightening Kit (2 Products)


Amend Gold Black Straightening Kit (2 Products)

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Kit for curly and frizzy hair relaxation. Kit Amend Gold Black Smoothing smooths and loosens curls, brings softness and shine. It changes the threads structure while protecting the fibre from very deep damages.

Kit Amend Gold Black Straightening acts with Tioglicolato Ammonia and Keratin in its formula. It transforms the threads to give aligned, silky results and with much more discipline. It also has repairing actives that strengthen fragile areas while the chemical acts.

It contains

Amend Gold Black - Straightening Cream 500g: contains the responsible chemistry for the alteration on the threads structure. It smoothes the threads and guarantees a soft touch, shine and health.

Amend Gold Black - Neutralizing Treatment 340ml: guarantees that hair is clean and without chemistry after the relaxing process.

How to UseKit Amend Gold Black Straightening (2 Products)
Application advice
Hair should be unwashed for 48 hours before applying the relaxing cream. Make sure that it does not have any residue of sprays, finishers or styling products.

Do a lock of hair test to see the hair condition and confirm the action time according to the desired result.

Pour the necessary amount of relaxing cream into a non-metallic container.

Divide unwashed and dried hair into 4 parts (make a vertical line to divide left and right, then a horizontal line to divide top and bottom area).

Put on gloves and start timing.

With a brush, apply the cream in fine strands, from right to left and from bottom to top, clockwise.

Respect the space of 1 cm from the root and apply from this point towards the ends.

In case of touch up apply only on the untouched area.

After applying to all hair, straighten the hair strands with your fingers. Follow the order of application, clockwise, starting with the lower strands. Follow the growth direction of the hair and do not tie it up or put a cap on it.

Make sure that the application and stretching does not exceed the maximum action time for each hair type**.

**10 to 15 minutes for fine or dull hair with an open cuticle, 15 to 20 minutes for medium and normal hair and 20 to 25 minutes for thick and strong hair.

Then, wash the hair in the sink and gently rinse, without rubbing, with warm or cold water. Remove all excess product.

Remove the excess water and apply Amend Neutralizing Emulsion afterwards to seal the cuticles and finish the relaxation.

Note: This product is exclusively for professional use. We do not recommend its use without the accompaniment or indication of a professional.

Read the instructions carefully and follow all the steps, without skipping steps or using other materials than those indicated.

Before applying, make a lock of hair: separate a small lock of hair and apply the cream with a brush. Wait for the action time and then rinse. If the hair becomes dry, fragile or damaged, do not proceed with the relaxation.

Not suitable for children under 12 years old, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Do not apply to hair that has been previously straightened with a straightening iron or similar process. Hair that has been treated with henna, magnesium, soda, guanidine, lithium and other bases other than tioglicolate should also not be submitted to the process.

Do not straighten hair that has been bleached/taken out with 30 or 40 volume oxidant, with ammonia-free dyes or those that have metallic rinsing.

For coloured hair with oxidant of up to 20 volumes, wait at least 30 days before relaxing. Do strengthening treatments during this period and do not forget to do the lock test. It is also important to wait at least 2 weeks after straightening to apply colour again.

White or grey hair may suffer colour changes.

Do not apply to eyebrows or eyelashes as it may cause irritation. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Root retouching is not recommended before 12 weeks.

Do a touch test before application to prevent allergies.

Relaxed, soft touch and shiny hair, with no deep damage.