Kit Agilise Unika Ojon  shampoo + Progressiva + Neutrali -   250ml   Each
Kit Agilise Unika Ojon  shampoo + Progressiva + Neutrali -   250ml   Each


Kit Agilise Unika Ojon shampoo + Progressiva + Neutrali - 250ml Each

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Unika Ojon is a straightening that provides natural straightness through amino acids and proteins. No formaldehyde.
- Agilise Ojon Anti Residue Shampoo 250ml
Ojon shampoo cleans the hair without harming the hair fiber, opening the cuticle layers to receive treatments.
Apply Ojon Shampoo three times, leaving it to rest for 5 minutes (each application). Then rinse until the complete removal of the Ojon Shampoo, dry 100%. Do not rub the scalp.
- Progressive Brush Agilise Unika Ojon Without Formaldehyde 250ml
Unika Ojon provides natural smoothness through amino acids and organic proteins. No Formaldehyde.
Smooth appearance, sealing of cuticles, protection and strengthening of strands through the action of amino acids that prevent hair from breaking, due to increased water retention capacity and replacement of keratin; these are some of the advantages that the Anti-Volume Treatment line offers, in addition to volume reduction (natural smooth) and increased shine.
Formaldehyde-free anti-volume treatment, specially developed for hair reconstruction and conditioning, provides intense shine, sealed cuticles and hair fiber hydration. With vegetable keratin and ojon oil.
Wash your hair with Unika Ojon Shampoo, rinse until the product is completely removed, then dry 100%. Apply Unika Ojon (respecting 1cm from the root), leave on for 60 minutes and rinse, dry 100% with a hairdryer and flat iron the fine strands. The more you plank, the smoother it will be.
CAUTION: Sensitivity testing is essential. Use not recommended for pregnant women, children and people with allergies
- Agilise Universal Neutralizing Agi Wash 250ml
Neutralizes all types of chemicals. Hydrates the wires and repairs damage caused by excess chemistry. Thus normalizing the capillary pH (acidity level).
Apply to washed hair and let it act for 15 minutes, then rinse and finish.