Iluminador Corporal Red Carpet Glow 120 Ml


Red Carpet Glow Body Illuminator - 120ml

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Why choose Body Illuminator?
- Lasts 12 to 24 hours
- Golden, illuminated skin
- Helps disguise imperfections
- Easy to apply
Skelt Body Illuminator is a body make-up with illuminating micro-pearls.

In an instant, it gives you the desired golden glow, just like the celebrities on the red carpet. This is the celebrities' secret to golden, illuminated skin! As well as giving your skin a glow, this Body Illuminator offers a soft tan and helps to disguise imperfections such as stretch marks and cellulite. The product lasts 12 to 24 hours.


Apply a generous amount of the product to your hand and spread in circular motions until you get an even color.
Wait for the product to dry before getting dressed and go glowing!