Tododia Cereja e Avelã Body Moisturizer - 400ml
Tododia Cereja e Avelã Body Moisturizer - 400ml
Tododia Cereja e Avelã Body Moisturizer - 400ml


Tododia Cereja e Avelã Body Moisturizer - 400ml

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Your favorite fragrance is back: attractive and striking, combining the fruitiness of cherries with sweet notes.

Feel your body with the new Tododia Cherry and Hazelnut Deodorant Nourishing Cream. A balanced combination of natural ingredients with PREBIOTIC NUTRITION, which adapts to what your skin needs every day. This cream is therefore suitable for all skin types.

- Firmer, smoother skin: 4x more hydrated / 2x firmer;

- Prebiotic nutrition: with prebiotics, cocoa butter and linseed oil;

- Creamy texture: easy to spread and absorbs quickly;

- Deep nourishment: healthy skin in all layers;

- 94% natural origin: greater affinity with your skin;

- Fragrance that surprises: attractive and striking with sweet notes.

Tododia, a new look for your body.
In the different seasons everything changes. And your skin feels the changes too. Winter invites you to look at these changes. Every day is an opportunity. To look inwards, to take care of yourself. To offer the best hydration your body needs, as an act of affection and care. Tododia offers prebiotic nutrition to bring deep care and nourishment to your body. With fragrances that make you feel more confident and express yourself. Right now, every day is an opportunity to renew your care for your body.

Tips for use
Spread it all over your body, except your face, and feel this delicate texture nourishing your skin. Contains deodorant action.