Hair Mask Select One Um só Passo - 300ml  Prohall


Hair Mask Select One Um só Passo - 300ml Prohall

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Reducing frizz with Select One
Select One helps control frizz and excessive volume. The product delivers frizz-free hair and also controls the most unruly hair. Silkiness, softness, shine and movement are the result of cutting-edge technology that promises deep hydration and complete treatment of the hair fiber, promoting disciplined hair.

Repair, defrizzing and reconstruction
The Lumini System active ingredient is the main pillar of the technology developed for Select One. It acts directly on the hair fiber, repairing, defrizzing and reconstructing all the damage caused by chemical treatment and/or free radicals (pollution, heat, UV rays and humidity). Select One is considered a complete treatment for the hair, being much more than just an anti-frizz product.

The range of benefits offered by the product
Respectful treatment and complete hair repair are just some of the many benefits offered by Select One. The treatment is another care promoted by the product that should be given due recognition. The action of the treatment consists of recovering the hair from the damage it has suffered as a result of past chemical treatments and enhancing the soft feel of the hair. It also preserves the frizz-free effect, increasing its durability. 


Benefits of Select One:

- Powerful, long-lasting anti-frizz;
- Silky touch and intense hydration to the hair;
- Balance of natural oiliness and deep nourishment;
- Luminous hair;