Ekos Frescor Maracujá Cologne - 150ml


Ekos Frescor Maracujá Cologne - 150ml

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With an aromatic passion fruit extract from the pulp of this typically Brazilian fruit, this fragrance reveals charming, delicate and refreshing notes.

Tranquillity and peace reign in this woman's heart. And what a beautiful heart she has, as beautiful as she is. In times of storm, her name is calm. A Brazilian woman who brings the softness and exuberance of being herself.

Inspired by our Brazilian nature and the inspiring woman that is you, Ekos Maracujá brings the contrast between the sweet sour of the pulp and passion fruit seeds wrapped in comfortable notes. A refreshing and comfortable bath.

Olfactory path:

- Top: Mandarin, Anise, Bergamot.

- Body: Passion fruit, Rose, Muguet.

- Bottom: Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar.

Content: 150 ml.