Lowell Liso Mágico Fluid 14 in 1  - 200ml


Lowell Liso Mágico Fluid 14 in 1 - 200ml

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Developed especially for lovers of straight hair, Thermoactivated Fluid is the most innovative and indispensable solution for your daily routine. 

With linseed in its formula, this product offers 14 magical benefits in one go.

Main features:

The more you use it, the straighter your hair becomes

Suitable for all hair types
Smooth effect for much longer

Ultra sealing, restores the hydrophobicity of natural hair

Blocks moisture from the air, forming a resistant film


Soft and velvety feel
Thermal protection

Repairs and prevents split ends, with an anti-breakage action

Easy to detangle
Nourishes and restores

Radiant shine
Hair dries faster
Contains no chemical processing agents, so does not compromise hair health

How to use: After washing and conditioning the hair, remove the moisture with a towel. Spray the Thermoactivated Fluid from root to tip and comb through. If you prefer, finish with a flat iron.