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Floratta Flores Secretas Deodorant Cologne 75ml

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Floratta Flores Secretas Deodorant Cologne 75ml
Floratta Flores Secretas Deodorant Cologne is a surprising fragrance inspired by the fig, which although it is called a fruit, is actually a kind of inverted flower. Inside the fig are tiny, secret flowers that turn into small, delicious fruits.

Combined with the fig accord, this feminine fragrance also brings juicy fruity notes and a vibrant floral, with all the mysteries of femininity.

A fragrance made for the romantic woman, as it is as surprising as that love that time keeps and then presents in an unexpected way. This product is vegan.

To complete the experience, enhance the fragrance with Floratta Flores Secretas Moisturizing Body Deodorant Cream. The same fragrance as the deodorant cologne, with a creamy, moisturizing texture.

None of the Boticário Group's products are tested on animals.

Olfactory Family: Fruity Floral