Bio Extratus Curls & Frizzy Hair Finisher - 150g

Bio Extratus

Bio Extratus Curls & Frizzy Hair Finisher - 150g

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Bio Extratus Cachos E Crespos Finalizer was specially developed to take care of your curly hair. A line designed exclusively for curly and curly hair, it comes to hydrate and nourish your hair.
Its moisturizing and nourishing formula with castor oil and abyssinia leaves hair strong, flexible, defined and shiny. Promotes immediate diffinition, intensive treatment and protection to hair, giving back all the elasticity and softness of curls.
ZERO% petrolatum / parabens / preservatives. Released for Low Poo. pH 4.0.

Abyssinia - Noble oil, with high level of omega levels 3 and 6. Has regenerative properties, provides intense nutrition and hydration to wires.
Castor - Strengthens and combats hair breakage, deeply moisturizes, recuperates and thickens hair, seals cuticles and adds shine.

Directions: with clean and humid hair, apply Bio Extratus Curls and Curly Finalizer on hair. Disentangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb and then knead the hair starting from the tips to the root, repeat the knead and release movement, helping to format the natural curls. Do not rinse. We recommend its use combined with other products from the Cachos & Crespos line.

About the brand: Bio Extratus. In 1997 our production was no longer handmade, we were a micro-company with a brand increasingly strong and our market was expanding. It was during this period that the boldness and vision of future of the owners overcame the fear of difficulties and encouraged the construction of a new factory, located in Alvinópolis, 170 km from the capital of Minas Gerais. In August 1998 Extratus Produtos Naturais was renamed Bio Extratus Cosméticos Naturais. As growth strategy, the brand prioritizes the quality of its products and a relationship of valorization of the opinion-maker public - the hairdressers. Bio Extratus is present throughout Brazil since the early 90's, with a line that grows and diversifies every year, seeking to enhance the beauty of your hair.