Naughty Schoolgirl Costume (PS4370) - PADRÃO


Naughty Schoolgirl Costume (PS4370) - PADRÃO

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How far are you able to go over the edge with your lover? A lot? Then with the Abused Schoolgirl Costume you'll go to infinity and beyond!

It's made with that time at school in mind, but with a twist: you'll be able to have fun any way you want!

The costume consists of a lace top with a support ring, a real charm! It has a skirt in a plaid pattern with white lace thong panties, perfect for getting into the schoolgirl spirit!

And to top it all off, the costume comes with a little tie, giving you that image of a girl who's well-behaved, but we know you're very naughty!

Give it a try!


1 Top

1 Skirt with panties

1 Tie


SINGLE; Waist: 86-123cm; Bust: 65-97cm;

PRECAUTIONS: Maximum washing temperature 40° / Do not bleach / Do not tumble dry / Do not iron / Do not dry clean.

MATERIAL: 100% polyester fabric.