Eudora Velvet Cristal Deodorant Cologne 100ml


Eudora Velvet Cristal Deodorant Cologne 100ml

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Eudora Velvet believes that there is nothing more unique and true than being yourself.Inspired by the sparkle of crystal, Eudora Velvet Cristal Deodorant Cologne is full of sensations that reveal an extremely engaging blend.

It is as if you dressed your body in a velvety fragrance, which will leave your confidence to face the day to day life. Unforgettable, so you won't go unnoticed, and at the same time soft, no chance to go wrong. A unique signature: enveloping, delicate and powerful.

This luminous fragrance brings all the brightness and juiciness of fruits, wrapped in the femininity and delicacy of Jasmine and the creaminess of Caramel. Its new packaging is modern and exclusive, with pastel tones and a sophisticated gradient.

The exclusive Eudora Secret makes this creation even more involving and irresistible.

Velvet Crystal, your personality makes you unique.

Olfactory Family: Floral Oriental.