Eudora Pulse Action Deodorant Cologne 100ml


Eudora Pulse Action Deodorant Cologne 100ml

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Eudora Pulse Action Deodorant Cologne is a masculine fragrance full of purpose, ideal for those who like to innovate, take risks and go the extra mile.

The fragrance brings the stimulating freshness of black pepper and fruity notes, combined with the intensity of vetiver des sables wood, an ingredient that carries a history of overcoming being grown in an adverse environment, with a uniqueness full of daring.

This deodorant cologne presents an incredible combination of fruity and aromatic notes, bringing all its woody intensity, resulting in a modern creation, made for men who make things happen. It combines aromatic freshness with woody intensity, delivering an intense, innovative and daring fragrance.

This aromatic woody fragrance has modern, clean packaging, with colors that bring a touch of personality, and is the ideal size to carry in your backpack or nécessaire and reapply during the day whenever you want.

Olfactory family:

Woody Aromatic