Eudora Magnific Body Deodorant Perfumed Cream - 200g


Eudora Magnific Body Deodorant Perfumed Cream - 200g

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Eudora Magnific Body Deodorant Moisturizing Cream 200g
The Magnific Eudora Magnific Smooth Cream Body Deodorant combines a creamy texture with the remarkable and magnificent fragrance of Eau de Parfum.

The product guarantees intense hydration for up to 48h and has yet a deodorant action that keeps the skin perfumed for longer. When applied, it gives the skin a soft, satiny and smooth touch.

The Body Cream has an exuberant fragrance and makes you leave your mark wherever you go. It makes you feel empowered to face routine challenges with elegance and sophistication.

Magnific is delicious and striking! A unique fragrance inspired by the grandeur of women to make you feel magnificent!

No Eudora product is tested on animals.

Ingredients updated at the date of this publication. But it is important to remember to always check the packaging, the most current information is on the product label.