Nail Polish Risqué De Salto No Asfalto 8ml
Nail Polish Risqué De Salto No Asfalto 8ml


Nail Polish Risqué De Salto No Asfalto 8ml

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The Esmalte Risque Cremoso Sou Esse Glamour Todo has long duration, quick drying and ultra shine. Its formula is hypoallergenic, that is, without components that can cause allergies and the brush provides perfect application on the nails. Guarantees a pigmentation following all the fashion trends leaving you woman ready to rock. Result of well colored nails and with a long lasting effect. It has a creamy texture that does not stain facilitating at the time of application on the nails, ensuring that it is a uniform effect and without undulations.

How to use:
1. Remove the excess from only one side of the brush and use the other side to enamel your nails;
2. Begin by enamelling the centre of the nails, always from the base to the tip;
3. Then, enamel one side of the nail and
4. Repeat the same procedure on the other;
5. To remove the excess with the toothpick, start on one side of the nail and continue the movement until the end of the other side, in a single stroke;
6. Move the skin a little away from the corner of the nail and with cotton wool wrapped in a toothpick, soaked in nail polish remover, clean the excess. To finish the enamelling, apply the Drying Oil or Drying Spray.

About the brand:
Risque is a leader in the nail polish segment in the country and has a history of more than half a century in the market for beauty products. The brand is a pioneer in launching trends and today is a fashion reference for millions of consumers throughout Brazil. Each year, Risque launches two nail polish collections and special editions, always according to fashion trends. In addition, the company offers a fixed colour palette and a complete line of treatment products for feet, hands and nails.