Esmalte Impala Transparente Beterraba


Esmalte Impala Transparente Beterraba

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Impala Viva Ame & Brilhe nail polish is the perfect collection for you to celebrate life, enjoy the good times, look to the future, live and experience love in all its forms and rock out with Diva nails.
Its great texture guarantees durability and intense shine for much longer. It also provides a perfect, even finish resulting in beautiful nails with a touch of pure glamour, giving you power in your hands.

- Celebrate Life: to remember everything you've been through, experiences and learnings.
Colour: gold glitter.

- Shine Like a Diamond: everyone has their own value, their own beauty and their own attitude, be yourself.
Colour: silver glitter.

- Live With Love: the noblest feeling capable of changing the world.
Colour: pink glitter.

How to use:
1. Remove the excess from one side of the brush and use the other side to polish your nails;
2. Start by glazing the centre of your nails, always from the base to the tip;
3. Next, polish one side of the nail and;
4. Repeat the same procedure on the other side;
5. To remove the excess with the toothpick, start on one side of the nail and work your way round to the end of the other side in one go;
6. Slightly pull the skin away from the edge of the nail and wipe off the excess with cotton wool wrapped around a toothpick and soaked in nail polish remover. To finalise your nail polish, use Drying Oil or Drying Spray.