Esmalte Colorama Cor Batida de Coco com 8ml


Colorama Color Coconut Shake Nail Polish - 8ml

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Colorama Color Batida de Coco nail polish with 8ml

The Enamel Batida de Coco 8ml Colorama belongs to a Colorama collection with an extensive range of colours that provides endless possibilities to create and dare beautiful and vibrant colours. In addition, Colorama offers various bases and finishers for your nails to be even more healthy and well cared for.

Directions for use: Shake before applying on the nails. Always use a base coat before nail polish. With clean nails apply a drop of nail polish in the centre of the nail, spread it to the base of the nail and then pull it to the tip making a straight line, repeat this operation until the end of all the nails, if you want to apply a second layer.