Abdômen Slim Weight Loss Capsule - 60 capsules
Abdômen Slim Weight Loss Capsule - 60 capsules

Abdômen Slim

Abdômen Slim Weight Loss Capsule - 60 capsules

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Thermofit is an ally for those who want to lose weight, it helps inhibit the desire to eat, helps inhibit the desire to eat sweets! in its composition caffeine helps give energy chromium helps in burning localized fat


Chromium (480mg per capsule):
It is an essential mineral known to aid in the reduction of cholesterol formation and improvement of type 2 diabetes due to its active participation in metabolism.
Chromium helps you lose weight because it makes the organism use more carbohydrates as an energy source and absorb more proteins, helping in the reduction of glycemia, muscular mass gain and fat burning, mainly in the abdominal region.
Besides, it helps reducing the desire for sweets and increases satiety.

Anhydrous caffeine (200mg per capsule)
It is a food supplement that serves as a physical and cerebral stimulant, it can be recommended for people who practice intense physical activities such as athletes and also for those who want to lose weight, because it speeds up the metabolism, favours fat burning and improves mood.
Caffeine is used to reduce localized fat and cellulite, since it has a great penetration in the skin and contributes to the breakdown of fat cells. It also has anti-wrinkle benefits due to its antioxidant power, offering a protective effect on the structures that sustain the skin.


Abdomen Slim Thermofit is contraindicated for people with:

* Allergy to shellfish or iodine.
* Thyroid problems (hyperthyroidism)
* Auto immune diseases (multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis).
* Kidney diseases (Infection, cyst, tumour, renal insufficiency, and other pre-existing ones).
* Hypertension;

If you are taking any medication continuously or undergoing a specific treatment, consult your doctor before taking Abdomen Slim.


* Cardiac problems;
* Pregnant women;
* Mothers in breastfeeding period;
* Under 19 years of age.