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Elysée Eau de Parfum 50 ml

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Elysée Eau de Parfum has extremely sophisticated packaging reminiscent of a jewel. Its feminine fragrance contains high quality, rich raw materials such as Mandarina Orpur, which evokes the extreme sophistication of the Chypre olfactory family.

It is modernized by amber notes, a major trend in international women's perfumery, perfect for those interested in striking fragrances.

As it is an Eau De Parfum, it has a higher concentration of essential oils and high-quality raw materials, so it lasts longer on the skin.

It is a vegan product and does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

For a complete experience, explore the other products in the range. For a super-scented bath with a silky, velvety feel, try the Elysée Body Deodorant Perfumed Oil.

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None of the Boticário Group's products are tested on animals.

Olfactory Family: Chypre Floral