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Ekos Pitanga Frescor Cologne 150ml

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With essential oil extracted from the leaves of the pitangueira tree, a symbol of Brazil's tropicality, this fragrance reveals tropical, vibrant and fresh notes.

With her delicacy, this woman carries a unique sweetness in her soul. And what a beautiful soul she has, as beautiful as she is. Her beauty is overflowing and her character is brilliant. A Brazilian woman who brings the softness and exuberance of being herself.

Inspired by our Brazilian nature and the inspiring woman that is you, Ekos Pitanga brings a reddish fragrance in an explosion of vibrant and radiant citrus fruits, providing a tonic bath, full of life and joy.

Olfactory path:

- Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Pitanga Leaf Oil.

- Body: Peach, Cassis, Jasmine.

- Bottom: Musc, Sandalwood, Moss.

Contents: Ekos Women's Pitanga Frescor Cologne Deodorant, 150 ml.