LANÇAMENTO Supercafé Desincoffee Chocolate Suiço - 220g
LANÇAMENTO Supercafé Desincoffee Chocolate Suiço - 220g


LANÇAMENTO Supercafé Desincoffee Chocolate Suiço - 220g

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Coffee, premium ingredients and lots of Swiss Chocolate flavour
Desincoffee Supercafé is a revolutionary coffee-based beverage with more incredible ingredients, totally different from anything you have ever tasted.

It combines premium ingredients in an exclusive formulation, elaborated by nutritionists. It has 100mg of caffeine per serving that helps increase alertness and improve concentration.

It allows you to do what moves you, and go beyond.

All this with lots and lots of flavour and low in calories. Like you've never seen in a bulletproof coffee.

Try the vanilla coffee that will bring out the best in you.


Desincoffee Supercafé gives you energy, focus and concentration. With lots and lots of flavor, it will help you face your daily challenges, whether they are physically or mentally demanding.

Among its ingredients there is 100mg of caffeine per serving, which helps to increase the alert state and to improve concentration. It's a fuel so your activities end, but your energy doesn't.