Desinchá Mix de Verão - Pina Colada | EDIÇÃO LIMITADA (30 sachês)


Desinchá Piña Colada - 30 Sachets

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The unmistakable taste of coconut with the freshness of pineapple

The Puerto Rican drink that has enchanted the world has gained a new version. The combination of coconut and pineapple has formed the pinã colada that goes well with everything, including Desinchá, to make hot days even more delicious.

On the edge of the pool, on the beach or on the sofa. The Desincha is perfect to be with you and your friends, either in the cup or in the jug. You can make a litrão and enjoy it with whoever you want.

It is the combination of the Desincha that you already know, with its 8 ingredients and natural flavor. Tasty with no added sugar and zero calories.

Allow yourself to feel this delicious combination that will leave your routine with a taste of good times that only the summer is able to provide