Déo Parfan Natura Essencial Tradicional Feminino 100ml


Essencial Tradicional Women's Cologne 100ml

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She confuses, but she also enchants. Her soft steps quicken hearts. It's a way that envelops, but also detaches.
She may be in a crowd, but you know who she is, and you know it's her, with a way that is uniquely hers. A woman with a perfume that stands out, just like her. Just like you. Essencial Feminino is an enchanting fragrance.

With a citrus top note that meets an elegant floral body, the sophistication of musk and precious woods is enhanced. A perfect translation of the feminine universe. Olfactory path: - Top: Mandarin, Green Notes, Citrus Complex. - Body: Peach, Violet, Jasmine. - Bottom: Musk, Sandalwood, Iso and Super. Content: 100 ml.