Deo Cologne Intimate Puzzy By Anitta Preparada - 25ml


Deo Cologne Intimate Puzzy By Anitta Preparada - 25ml

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Preparada is the intimate deo cologne that makes a tempting and fascinating invitation to fall in love with the harmony between the notes of chocolate, strawberry and soft vanilla. It is the fragrance for those who love to live life intensely.

Puzzy by Anitta, the first intimate deo cologne from Brazil that came to transform your relationship with your own being - Puzzy by Anitta. Exploring all your versions of yourself through your senses, Puzzy will bring out all your
confidence and power.

Created in partnership with the world's biggest attitude icon, Anitta, Puzzy is here to make you feel free and self-confident whenever you want.

To make everything even more amazing, the intimate deo cologne Puzzy by Anitta is safe, gynecologically and dermatologically tested. It does not alter the pH of the intimate region and can be used by everyone in any part of the body, including the external intimate region.