Liquid Eyeliner Verde Realce 3ml

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Liquid Eyeliner Verde Realce 3ml

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The Verde Realce Liquid Eyeliner is the finishing touch for a super illuminated look with lots of pigmentation.

The metallic eye trend is in full swing and with Realce Green Liquid Eyeliner you can guarantee striking, intense eyes with an incredible metallic finish to complete your look.

With ultra pigmentation and maximum color, the liquid eyeliner delivers metallic colors and a precise line for your makeup, giving you a wonderful look full of personality that you can rock on any occasion.

Realce Só Brilha VerdeLiquid Eyeliner guarantees a beautiful shade of metallic green, full coverage from the first application and lasting up to 8 hours. In addition, it has a soft, firm tip for a precise, super-fine line, so you can get creative and draw easily and simply.

The eyeliner doesn't transfer and doesn't smudge, making it ideal for all kinds of designs, from the classic to the more elaborate and creative, making it the ideal product for a killer make-up look.

Now get out there and shine!

No Quem Disse, Berenice product is tested on animals, meaning that this item is Cruelty Free.