Soul Power Crespos - Leave in Curly on Dream 800ml

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Curly On Cream Leave-in - 800g

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Soul Power Curly On Cream Curl Activator - 800g

Soul Power Curly On Cream is an ideal curl activator for styling, defining, increasing shine and leaving that beautiful volume in your curls - all for longer! Super versatile, this pot can be used by all types of curly hair, and its formula is enriched with Vegetable Collagen, Shea Butter and Avocado Oil - a powerful mix to give hair shape, control frizz and increase shine and softness, leaving it defined and irresistible.

Ahhh, if you prefer, you can use it on its own or mixed with some gelatine to boost the results even more. Soul Power Curly On Leave-in offers a more delicate, healthy and non-aggressive treatment, because your curls deserve this special attention and care.

With so many components that are ideal for your hair, it's hard not to try it out, isn't it? So, take the opportunity to secure Soul Power Curly On Cream Curl Activator! Be amazed by the results. ❤️

Application tip
Soul Power Curly On Cream Combing Cream - 800g

Ideal for all types of curly hair, types 4A, 4B and 4C.

Start by applying a sufficient amount of Soul Power Leave-in, spreading it strand by strand over clean, damp hair. Use bottom-up movements to squeeze and release the hair to stimulate the formation of curls. Comb through and finish as usual.

Benefits for you to love ♥
Soul Power Curly On Cream Curl Activator Leave-in - 800g

- Ideal for detangling and defining;
- Contains Plant Collagen, Shea Butter and Avocado Oil;
- Keeps curls defined for longer;
- Offers high moisturizing power;
- Vegan product;
- Cruelty free ♥);
- Free from substances that are prohibited or harmful to health.

What does it contain?
Soul Power Curly On Cream Curl Activator Combing Cream - 800g

KARITÉ BUTTER: Vegetable butter with a high moisturizing power, it retains moisture and restores elasticity and suppleness to the hair;

VEGETABLE COLLAGEN: Extracted from the Acacia Senegal plant, which is rich in polysaccharides, amino acids and proteins with structures similar to human collagen, offering biological precursors with a high affinity for hair, with powerful moisturizing and film-forming properties to prevent water loss;

ABACATE OIL: Intense nourishing vegetable oil for very dry hair.

Get to know the brand
Soul Power Curly On Cream Curl Activator Combing Cream - 800g

Beautiful and powerful, curly/wavy/curly women are looking more and more wonderful, with all the naturalness that their curves can offer. Attitude, beauty and power is all that this beautiful acceptance can provide and it's much of what we see in the hair of many women, which by the way, fills us with pride, because there's nothing better than being beautiful, with all the life and beauty of curly curls.