Salon Line S.O.S Bomba Leave in 500ml

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SOS Bomba Leave-In 500ml

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Beautiful hair is always strong and healthy, right?! That's why the S.O.S BOMBA line is perfect! With reliable, exclusive formulas developed by Salon Line's Research, Development, Innovation and Technology Laboratory. S.O.S BOMBA:

Everything that's good deserves the perfect ending, and that's what S.O.S BOMBA ORIGINAL HAIR CREAM is for, so you can get that incredible finish. It strengthens, reduces hair breakage and also adds shine, moisturizes and detangles. Oh, and the formula also helps hair grow stronger and healthier, as well as reducing hair loss due to breakage!

Didn't I say it was perfect? Whey Protein: rich in essential amino acids that restore damaged hair fibers. Vitamin A: strengthens hair and aids healthy growth. D-Panthenol: moisturizes and improves the texture of the fibre, combating split ends. WHEYPROTEINBecause HERE YOU ARE:7898623951617PROVED:MORE STRENGTH¹AND LESS FALLING!²HYDRATION, SHINE AND A LOT OF PERFORMANCEPerfect finishPerfect finish! WHEY PROTEIN VITAMIN A RICIN OIL D-PANTENOLBIOTIN300mlWithout RinsingFor wavy, curly, frizzy and very frizzy hairCREAM FOR HAIRORIGINALBiotin: helps prevent hair loss, stimulates growth and strengthens hair. Castor oil: moisturizes, combats hair loss due to breakage, strengthens and deeply restores hair, as well as helping it to grow healthily. ¹Proven effective in laboratory tests. ²Reduces hair loss due to breakage.

How to use : With clean, damp hair, apply S.O.S PUMP ORIGINAL Combing Cream, strand by strand, from length to ends. Comb in your favorite way and you're ready to rock! Do not rinse. Healthy hair is what you want! Time to use the full line!