Leave-in Leve Seda Boom Pro Curvature Maximum Volume 350ml


Leave-in Leve Seda Boom Pro Curvature Maximum Volume 350ml

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Product description
What is Seda Boom Maximum Volume Leave-in and what is it for?
The new generation of the Seda Boom ProCurvatura expert line brings exclusive technology to define, shape and express the volume of all types of curls, guaranteeing long-lasting results for up to 72 hours.

The new Seda Boom Maximum Volume Leave-in combines ProCurvatura technology with ingredients from nature, such as Coconut Milk and Sunflower Seed Oil, to provide incredible, long-lasting volume, while moisturizing, defining and bringing movement to your hair. What's more, it has a leave-in formula, which is also great for use in the Day After (the days after washing and finishing).

In addition to the Maximum Volume Leave-in, the range also includes other products such as: Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment Mask and various other Leave-in.

What are formula-released products?
These are cosmetics that do not contain (or contain a small amount of) substances that can aggravate dryness, especially in curly hair, such as sulphate, petrolatum, paraffin, mineral oils and parabens. These products with an approved formula clean more gently, maintaining the hair's natural moisture and helping to prevent dryness.

How to use Seda Boom Maximum Volume Leave-in?
Finishing Tip: Oyster Volume
Apply Seda ® Boom Maximum Volume all over the hair, tilting the head downwards. You can moisten with a spray bottle beforehand (tip: avoid too much cream at the roots).
Use your fingers or a fork comb to loosen your hair from scalp to ends.
Dry with a diffuser or let it dry naturally, shaking your head from top to bottom and also to the sides.
Get even better results by using Seda Boom Pro Curvatura products with every wash.

External use.
Do not ingest.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.
If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice.
Keep out of reach of children.