Encrespando a Juba Leave-in - 500ml
Encrespando a Juba Leave-in - 500ml

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Encrespando a Juba Leave-in - 500ml

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Leave-In Encrespando a Juba is for those who love their curly hair and won't give up on it.

The active ingredients Organic Murumuru Butter, Golden Linseed Oil and Hazelnut Extract help define, moisturize and nourish your hair to make it proud.

The JUBA treatment line has 100% plant-based active ingredients and sanitizes the hair while preserving its natural oils, making it softer and more beautiful.
Rich in Omega 3 and 6, it helps with conditioning and satin shine, as well as maintaining definition for up to 48 hours.

Active ingredients:

Organic Murumuru Butter - Moisturizes and restores hair.

Golden Linseed Oil - Rich in omega 3 and 6, it provides conditioning and satin shine.

Hazelnut Extract - Has an emollient action, acting on the inside of the hair fiber.

How to use:

- With damp hair, divide it into fine strands and start the process at the nape of the neck to make it easier to apply.

- Take a sufficient amount of Leave-In Encrespando a Juba in your hands and apply it to the hair in ribbons (thin strands).

- Repeat this process all over the hair and then scrunch the strands from bottom to top to help define them. Leave to dry naturally or with the help of a diffuser.