Men Shaving Cream, 110g

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Men Shaving Cream, 110g

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MEN Shaving Cream contains licorice extract, which relieves irritation caused by the friction of the razor against the face. It's perfect for the modern man because it allows him to shape his beard with practicality and precision. Its innovative formula does not foam and softens facial hair, making it easier to glide the razor.

Allows for an easy, effective and precise shave
Contains an astringent action that closes the pores and keeps the skin protected from external impurities
Licorice extract reduces the sensation of itching and redness after shaving
The result?

How to use: With damp skin, spread the cream on the area to be shaved and use the razor as usual. After shaving, rinse your face and remove the product completely. MEN Shaving Cream can be used daily.