Creme Cicatribem anti-estrias 150ml


Cicatribem Anti Stretch Marks Cream - 150ml

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- Reduces the appearance of existing stretch marks. - Prevents the appearance of new stretch marks. - Helps restore elasticity. - Provides sensation of skin firmness. - Improved softness and elasticity on the first application. - Reduction in the size and appearance of stretch marks in a fortnight of use. - Clearer and less visible stretch marks. - Dermatologically tested.

Our cream is indicated for daily use, twice a day (morning and evening). Remember that Cicatribem is a product with better efficacy when used continuously.

Here at Cicatribem we think a lot to offer and develop the best product for you!
With a unique formula that helps achieve amazing results, the Cicatribem Treatment Cream for Stretch Marks reduces the appearance of existing stretch marks, prevents the appearance of new ones, restores and provides the feeling of firmness of the skin!

And the best of all is the effectiveness of our product! Our clients have tested it and after 2 weeks of use, they have already felt the following changes in their skin: reduction in the size of stretch marks, leaving them lighter and less visible, and improvement in the softness and elasticity of the skin.

Our product contains:
Pracaxi oil base cream, almond oil, rosehip oil, hydroxyprolisolane c and eclipse essence

Each tube contains 150ml which is the ideal amount for a 30 days treatment