Black Henê Pelúcia Activated Carbon Pouch 180g


Black Henê Pelúcia Activated Carbon Pouch 180g

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Hené Smoothing Cream Black Plush Medium Activated Carbon Pouch 180g

Know more about the product: Smoothing Cream Cream Hené Pelúcia Medium Activated Charcoal 180g Proudly Happy Ever After We are many, we are strong, we are beautiful! And proud of our big hair, our basic black nothing! And Henê Pelúcia, which has always been by our side, has now innovated for good. It brings Activated Coal and Black Clay, which offer detox action and biominerals for your big hair to shine. Henê Pelúcia has everything you need to feel free and ready to draw attention wherever you go!

How to use:

1 - Apply the Henê Pelúcia, strand by strand;

2 - Pull with a fine comb from the roots to the ends, stretching the hair well. Cover with a plastic cap for 60 minutes (the effect will be the same if the time is longer);

3 - Rinse the hair well and wash it with shampoo and condition;

4 - If you want a very straight effect, you can brush it. And if you want a wavy hairstyle, just let the hair dry in bobs;

5 - We recommend 2 applications per week until you achieve the desired result.