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Boticollection Crazy Feelings Cologne 100ml

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Boticollection Crazy Feelings Deodorant Cologne 100ml
This perfumery classic, Boticollection Crazy Feelings Deodorant Cologne is a feminine fragrance inspired by bold and authentic women.

It combines Red Peony, the flower of boldness, beauty and resistance with the accentuated notes of Orange Blossom and Rose. The result is an Oriental Amber fragrance with a striking and powerful scent, leaving you ready to live new stories full of excess.

It's made for those who aren't afraid of intensity and like to take risks, whether in their personal or professional lives. Live all these feelings intensely without moderation, and just like the Boticollection brand, have many stories to tell.

Crazy Feelings is about daring, allowing yourself to go beyond your limits and enjoying the best things in life.

Olfactory Family: Oriental Amber