Deo Cologne Intimate Puzzy By Anitta Alpha - 25ml


Deo Cologne Intimate Puzzy By Anitta Alpha - 25ml

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Alpha is the intimate deo cologne with a striking and unmistakable fragrance with woody notes of amber spices, cedar and patchouli. Made for you to empower yourself with confidence and be whoever you want to be wherever you are, Puzzy by Anitta Alpha will accompany you in the most incredible moments.Preparada is the intimate deo cologne that makes a tempting and fascinating invitation to fall in love with the harmony between notes of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla soft. It is the fragrance for those who love to live life intensely.

Apply to the body, over the external genital area and/or underwear, at a minimum distance of 20 cm. Apply after showering or at any time of the day.

Do not apply on the internal intimate area. Product not edible or kissable.

*Puzzy by Anitta does not disguise odors caused by gynecological diseases or problems. Always seek medical advice in case of abnormalities.

- Intimate perfume that awakens the intensity and independence;
- pH balanced and compatible with the external intimate region;
- Alcohol and paraben free;
- Hypoallergenic;
- Dermatologically tested;
- Gynecologically tested;
- Fragrance ideal for use on any occasion;
- Not tested on animals and no animal ingredients.

íntima externa.