Sophie Cachos Conditioner 200ml

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Sophie Cachos Conditioner 200ml

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Sophie Cachos Conditioner 200ml
Do you know that product that every curly child's hair will love? That's Sophie Curls Conditioner. Made exclusively to care for girls' hair, the product creates a protective layer on the hair cuticle, leaving it protected and shiny.

Its vegan formula was developed with the care that children need in mind. Tested by pediatricians, it is gentle and does not cause irritation, as well as being a tear-free conditioner.

To get those defined, loose and easy-to-comb curls, just use the complete line, which is made up of Shampoo, Conditioner and Combing Cream.

With the best products for children's curly hair, your child will discover themselves and be who they are! The hair? Ahhh... They'll be silky, shiny and beautiful with the delicacy of Sophie Curls!