Fashion Gold Progressive Brush Combo


Fashion Gold Progressive Brush Combo

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Hair with intense shine, naturalness, balance and no frizz are some of the many benefits of FASHION GOLD.

Unruly and unruly hair makes everyday life very difficult, making it hard to comb and control volume. Fashion Gold educates the hair, making your day-to-day life much simpler and uncomplicated.

Fashion Gold is suitable for all hair types. Its exclusive formula gives you the perfect result you've always dreamed of. It contains Inca oil and quinoa protein, rare active ingredients that restore hair health, moisturize and leave your hair with an impeccable shine.

Come and join the team of Fashion Gold lovers! And make sure it's ORIGINAL, don't accept imitations.

Follow the step-by-step instructions that come with the product to get the best results every time.


Extends the straightening effect and preserves the shine and natural hydration of the hair. The 2 IN 1 MASK is able to condition and moisturize at the same time. It provides a unique effect, leaving your hair with balance and naturalness.
Its exclusive technology prolongs the effect of the progressive brush, leaving hair straight for much longer. A conventional shampoo tends to remove the straightening effect up to 5 times faster, as well as leaving hair dry and dull.
SHAMPOO FASHION GOLD has been developed using the latest technology to keep the hair cuticles closed, preventing oxidation and loss of the active ingredients that keep hair straight and nourished. Its exclusive formulation cleanses without damaging the hair, promoting deep hydration and intense treatment. Its concentrated formula provides greater performance, allowing a much greater number of washes than other traditional shampoos.


No need to use conditioner, as its balanced pH moisturizes while keeping the hair cuticle closed, preserving straightening for much longer. It can be used daily. It does not increase the natural oiliness of the hair and does not leave it looking "heavy".

This product does not straighten the hair, it only prolongs the effect obtained with the progressive brush.