Luna Coragem Cologne - 75ml
Luna Coragem Cologne - 75ml
Luna Coragem Cologne - 75ml
Luna Coragem Cologne - 75ml


Luna Coragem Cologne - 75ml

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Luna Coragem is an invitation to women to have the courage to change in order to create a new world.

A fragrance that combines the Protea flower, which symbolizes resistance and hope, with the enveloping warmth of Pink Pepper and the creaminess of Copaíba, an ingredient from Brazilian biodiversity. The woody power of Patchouli completes this fragrance that encourages you to achieve everything you want, proven by Neuroscience.* * Test carried out by Neurux and Givaudan, in collaboration with Natura's Well-being Sciences and Olfactory Center areas.


Moderate Floral Cyprus. The fragrance combines the exuberance of Protea, a flower that symbolizes resistance and hope, with the woody power of Patchouli and the enveloping warmth of pink pepper and Copaíba, an ingredient of Brazilian biodiversity.

Tips for use
Each person has a unique way of putting on perfume.
But to make the most of the fragrance's potential, our tip is to apply it to areas such as the wrist, neck and behind the ears.

If you want to enhance the fragrance, combine the use of Luna with the Moisturizing Deodorant
Body Deodorant Luna Courage.

O Chipre brasileiro de Luna

The Brazilian Cyprus of Luna
Natura was a pioneer in bringing modern Cyprus to the Brazilian market. A classic of perfumery that combines Patchouli, moss and citrus notes and translates sophistication and intensity.

The House of Perfumery of Brazil is home to a way of doing things that is all its own: authorial, creative, daring.
Exclusive perfumer.
Fragrances with organic alcohol as a base.
Use of recycled glass in all bottles.
Unprecedented essential oils from biodiversity.