Chronos Elixir Redutor de Rugas e área dos olhos  - 15ml


Wrinkle Reducing Elixir for the Eye Area Chronos - 15ml

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The Wrinkle Reducing Elixir is the specialist product for combating the signs of ageing in the eye area, with technologies that act on the main causes of crow's feet (deep wrinkles) and droopy eyelids.


- It has a fluid texture that makes it easier for the product to be absorbed by the skin and is 2 times more concentrated than anti-sagging creams.

- Immediately brightens the eyes and improves eyelid firmness.

- After 7 days: smoothes wrinkles and restores firmness to the eyelids.

- After 15 days: reduces the number of wrinkles.

- After 30 days: reduces the depth of wrinkles.

- Contains no fragrance.

- Lasts up to 60 applications.

Active ingredients:

- Jambu concentrate - Relaxes micro-tensions in collagen and elastin fibers, which give rise to wrinkles and expression lines.

- Hyaluronic acid - Active ingredient most recommended by dermatologists to stimulate skin filling.

Contents: 15 ml.