Borabella Cauter Gloss - 500ml
Borabella Cauter Gloss - 500ml
Borabella Cauter Gloss - 500ml


Borabella Cauter Gloss - 500ml

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Immediate mirroring and reconstruction 

CauterGloss works by rearranging and aligning the weakened, dry and porous cuticles of the hair, promoting hydration and nourishment of the hair cortex to form a mirror repair film on the strands. The result is hair that is completely soft, revitalized, frizz-free, with natural balance and a true mirror gloss shine.

Multifunctional that aligns, moisturizes and revitalizes.
Seals open or damaged cuticles.
100% free of aggressive actives and at pH 4.5.
Suitable for all hair types and situations.
Preserves and revitalizes the results of progressive and straightening.
Prevents the accumulation of chemicals and unnecessary damage to the hair.
Compatible with all brands of acid or alkaline chemicals.
It can be used by Pregnant Women, Lactating Women and Children.

The cauterizer acts to rearrange and align weakened, dry and porous cuticles to provide fully hydrated, nourished, revitalized, soft hair with natural balance and a true mirror gloss shine. All this free of volume and frizz.

Know the indications:

Indicated for those clients who arrive with hair full of frizz, porous, dull, dry and who can no longer go through progressive processes or straightening with aggressive chemicals, as this would further damage the wires.
After discolouration, colouring or chemical processes in general, a film is formed which preserves the chemical results and provides a quick and durable finish for your client.
To conserve and revitalize progressive and straightening processes, returning all the alignment and shine of the initial results of these procedures.
It is also possible to perform progressive and smoothing processes only at the root to align the hair and use CauterGloss on the lengths and ends, avoiding the accumulation of chemical and unnecessary damage, since it will be applied in the part where the hair is already straight, requiring only maintenance, cuticular closure, hydration and shine.