Cauter Restore Miniature Mask 40g Forever Liss
Cauter Restore Miniature Mask 40g Forever Liss

Forever Liss

Cauter Restore Miniature Mask 40g Forever Liss

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In our daily lives, whether through chemical processes or exposure to the sun, sea and pool, hair loses mass and nutrients, causing it to become dry, porous and dull. Bio.Restore® technology is here to rebuild, strengthen and protect hair, enhancing colour, shine and softness.

It contains active ingredients such as Ceramides, Brazilian Keratin, Royal Jelly and Amino Acids, which deeply nourish the hair, sealing the cuticles and preventing problems such as frizz and unwanted volume. With its gradual action, with each use you will notice your hair looking even more beautiful and healthy. The product is thermo-activated, so it's important to finish with a hairdryer and flat iron to intensify the benefits even more. Don't worry, it already has thermal protection. It is approved for low-poo and can be used on all hair types.

Ceramides: Repairs damaged hair, providing shine and softness;

Brazilian Keratin: Rebuilds and deeply nourishes the hair, providing alignment and anti-frizz effect;

Royal Jelly: Replenishes hair mass and restores water lost by the hair;

Amino acids: Moisturise the hair and seal the cuticles, retaining moisture and creating a layer of natural protection.

Replenishes hair mass;
Deep nourishment;
Replenishment of moisture lost by the hair;
Anti-frizz effect;
Provides shine and softness;
Creates a layer of protection;
Promotes intense shine;
Provides thermal protection.

How to use
01. Immediately after washing your hair with the Forever Liss Shampoo of your choice, remove excess water from the hair to facilitate the penetration of Cauter Restore.

02. Apply Cauter Restore to damp hair, spreading it over the entire length.

03. Lather strand by strand.

04. Leave on for 5 minutes.

05. Rinse until the product is completely removed.

06. Use the Forever Liss conditioner of your choice to seal the cuticles.

07. Finish with a hairdryer and flat iron to activate the product's components (temperature below 200Cº).

The result
Your hair will be revitalised, looking healthier and more beautiful, with lots of shine and softness. The product works gradually, so reapply fortnightly for best results.

The result of the product may vary according to the state and condition of each hair type.