Btx Zero Forever Liss 250g

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Btx Zero Forever Liss 250g

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If you're a person who worries about keeping your locks impeccable, you must have heard about several treatments that promise to take care of your hair, leaving it with a revamped look worthy of a movie diva. One of the most efficient and popular options nowadays is the so-called Organic Hair Btx.

Ideal for recovering fragile hair, leaving it aligned and returning its natural shine, the treatment is affordable and can be done, even at home. The secret? It's to invest in a powerful product, developed with nutrients capable of acting directly on the structure of the strands to guarantee a healthy look, like the Forever Liss Btx.

Of course we are here to explain everything about this new product. So that you don't miss it, write down each information and start trying right now the latest beauty fever of the moment!

What is Btx Capillary Zero?

When we talk about organic hair btx, some people believe that this process is similar to the progressive brush.
But, very different from that, the treatment does not use strong chemicals, being a softer and more natural method, with the objective of filling the structure of the hair, in a way that they can recover their nutrients and shine lost during the day by day.
With this, you will be able to achieve an alignment of the strands, making your hair look smoother, frizz-free and without excessive volume.
The best of all? The chemical-free btx is 100% free of formaldehyde and, even so, it manages to promote deep hydration, with a lot of softness and the replacement of hair mass.

All this, thanks to its technology, which is composed of a series of key elements, such as

-Argan Oil: rich in vitamins E and A, omegas 9 and 6;
-Shea Butter: rich in fatty acids and with very high moisturizing power;
-Coconut Oil: rich in vitamin E.

Is Forever Liss good?

The Forever Liss Btx is one of the most used products of the moment. And to understand all this success is simple? just look at the numerous benefits provided by this treatment:

-Alignment of the hair fibres;
-Powerful moisturizing action;
-More silkiness and softness to the hair;
Anti-frizz action;
-Diva shine!

For whom is Forever Liss Professional indicated?

The product can be used by people with wavy, frizzy, rebellious and frizzy hair. Or yet, for those who need an intense hydration, as well as, wish to reduce the volume of their strands.

How to use Organic Forever Liss?

- Before using Forever Liss Professional, wash your hair with an anti-residue shampoo;
- Pat the surface dry with a towel and then separate the strands into parts;
- Using a comb and a brush, start applying the Btx Capillary Zero on the length of the hair, avoiding the roots;
- Leave the product to act for up to 30 minutes; - After this period, rinse under running water;
- Remember to dry your hair well and, if possible, use a hair dryer. The result will be impressive!