Botik Sérum de Alta Potência Vitamina C, 30ml

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High-Potency Serum Vitamina C Botik 30ml

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Botik's high-potency serum combines pure Vitamin C and Vitamin E with antioxidant action to combat the damage that accelerates skin ageing, caused by pollution, bad nights' sleep, stress and UV rays. Vitamin C Serum has been specially developed for those looking to brighten and minimize the effects of external aggressions on urban skin through a deep treatment with a high-potency formula. - Combats the action of free radicals - Treats the damage caused to the skin by the effects of UV rays - Skin looks rested and lush, reducing enlarged pores - Leaves skin illuminated
How to use: Apply 3 to 4 drops to the face daily and spread with circular movements. Always use sunscreen after applying the serum in your daytime routine. It can be used morning and night in your skincare routine, but preferably at night - don't forget the sunscreen the next day. The use of Botik cream/gel cream is recommended to intensify the results. Cleansing the skin enhances the treatment, so the use of Botik's preparation items is recommended.