Borabella Perfecta Progressiva Bio Definitive 1L + 3D Sealing
Borabella Perfecta Progressiva Bio Definitive 1L + 3D Sealing
Borabella Perfecta Progressiva Bio Definitive 1L + 3D Sealing
Borabella Perfecta Progressiva Bio Definitive 1L + 3D Sealing


Borabella Perfecta Progressiva Bio Definitive 1L + 3D Sealing

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Borabella Perfecta Bio Definitive Progressive 12 Oils 19 amino - 1 Litre

Perfecta BioDefinitive has high moisturizing factor that gives a totally aligned hair, disciplined, sealed, soft, with natural balance and a glossy salon shine.

- More Nutrition: has an extensive blend of 12 light nourishing oils, which penetrate deep into the hair fibre, softening and nourishing without weighing it down.
- More Hydration: moisturizing moisturizing actives such as Hyaluronic Acid have been increased. The combination of greater nutrition with greater power of hydration results in greater treatment of dry and chemically processed hair, giving better appearance to the tips.
- Without Pigment Matting: the cream is clear, has no tint, allowing application in very light hair with tones above 9.
- Only one step: giving more practicality and speed in the application. Easy process, quick drying, easy gliding without forcing the arm.
- 100% professional anti-frizz result long lasting and guaranteed, free of touch-ups or client returns.
- Compatible with all types of hair and colours. And also with all previous chemical products of all brands.

Its intelligent formula was developed through the union of imported raw materials of European and North American origin, noble emollient actives, proteins and an exclusive blend formed by 19 amino acids + organic acids, such as Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Sericin, Keratin, Tamarind Extract and an Elixir of 12 light and noble oils.

Borabella 3D Semi Definitive Hair Straightening 1Litre

Provides sealed hair, disciplined, loose, light, soft, with intense shine, controlled volume, completely free of frizz and rebellious strands. Our formula contains modern organic actives, and the exclusive Blend Bio Complex formed by the synergy of vegetable oils, proteins and amino acids that provide the reordering of the cortex and hair cuticle structure, resulting in naturally loose, soft, behaved and shiny hair for a long time.

Its innovative formulation contains modern low molecular weight actives that act by restructuring the cortex and reorganizing the cuticles, besides completely treating the hair shaft. All this thanks to the blend of exclusive assets called BioComplex formed by Hyaluronic Acid + Glutamic + Aspartic + 19 Amino Acids + Keratin + Silk Protein + Macadamia Oil.