Borabella Neutralizer NeutraQuimic Neutralizer Balances Ph and Prevents Hair Breakage- 500ml
Borabella Neutralizer NeutraQuimic Neutralizer Balances Ph and Prevents Hair Breakage- 500ml
Borabella Neutralizer NeutraQuimic Neutralizer Balances Ph and Prevents Hair Breakage- 500ml


Borabella Neutralizer NeutraQuimic Neutralizer Balances Ph and Prevents Hair Breakage- 500ml

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The Neutralizing Neutra Quimic by Borabella prevents that chemical processes such as Progressives, straightening, coloring, bleaching continue to damage the hair, the scalp and the hair follicle. Even after the finalization of a transformation, the active Phs extreme chemical continue acting without necessity within the wire, thus causing unnecessary damage to the structure of the hair.

The NeutraQuimic is a neutralizer that acts rebalancing the Hydrogen Potential (pH) of the hair and scalp thus preventing breakage, fall, dryness, bad smell of the wire when wet. Besides reestablishing the peptide bonds, acting on the Disulfide bridges, avoiding thinning and breaking of the threads over time caused by chemical processes.

See the Real benefits:

- Eliminates Bad Smell when Wet (caused by acidic organic progressives, due to the release of sulfur)

- Prevents Breakage (promotes the reconnection of the disulfide bridges in the smooth position, preventing breakage and loss of capillary mass)

- Prevents Fall (The scalp and hair follicles have a natural pH around pH 5. to perform a chemical process, such as a Progressive that has extreme pH 2 to 2.5, the entire scalp and follicles will suffer an assault and imbalance in your natural pH, this over the long term can cause fall. The NeutraQuimic acts by reestablishing the natural pH, thus avoiding the problem of hair loss, flaking, oiliness and others.

- Replenishes nutrients and lipids (lost during the corrosive action of chemicals)

- Prolongs the chemical results (by balancing the pH and reconnecting the disulfide bridges in a straight and permanent form)

Understand how it works:
The structure of the hair shaft is connected by SS disulfide bridges, the natural way these bridges are connected define the shape of the hair shaft, fine, thick, frizzy, curly, wavy, straight etc. To make the transformation in the format of this wire is necessary a potent chemical process, where the active will act partially disconnecting these bridges, and then with the help of usually board and heat the format of the wire is physically changed to smooth format.

It happens that at the end of this transformation process it is necessary to reconnect these bridges, now in a straight and smooth shape, which will increase the durability of the straightening effect, and restructure the hair, thus reducing the loss of mass and hair breakage. Another problem is the aggression to the scalp and hair follicles, which naturally have a pH 5, and are attacked by chemicals with extremely acid or alkaline pHs, causing unbalance and leading to flaking, oiliness and even hair loss if the pH is not rebalanced.

When it is not performed the neutralization of Ph, and the reconnection of the peptide bridges between chemical processes, will occur the accumulation of damage, because each new chemical process in the wire will occur a new loss of bridges, will be added the damage of previous chemical to the new chemical (regardless of the time period between them), until after some repeated chemical processes, almost the entire structure of the wire will be damaged, thus becoming an irreversible damage.

Thus it is scientifically and clearly proven that the use of Borabella?s NeutraQuimic is indispensable after chemical processes, especially in straightening and progressive organic processes without formaldehyde.

A revolutionary formula. This is an indispensable product for Professionals of Saloons, because it attends perfectly the clients that needs several chemical processes during the year, reducing the risk of breakage or fall of the threads caused by the long term. It consequently improves the fidelity of this client.