Boquinha Cream
Boquinha Cream

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Boquinha Cream

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Lip protector capable of an incredible lip filler in a natural way, without surgery! Your mouth hydrated, bigger and more beautiful on the spot!

✓ Natural ingredients

✓ Product approved by ANVISA

✓ For all skin types

✓ Moisturized, bigger and brighter mouth

✓ Dermatologically tested

✓ Not tested on animals

Hyaluronic acid: Promotes softness, hydration and fuller, plumper lips.

Shea butter: Promotes silkiness, forms emollient and protective film, preventing skin moisture loss.

Peppermint essential oil: Promotes focus and balance. Relieves irritation states. It is excellent for treating mental fatigue, facilitates new ideas and is beneficial when inspiration is needed.

Jambu Extract: Very popular for reducing the intensity of facial muscle contractions, resulting in immediate and visible reduction of lines and wrinkles. Used by indigenous and riverine peoples as an analgesic and anaesthetic.

Methyl Nicotinate: It is a vasodilator active, hyperemiant and rubefacient, this means that it expressively increases the cutaneous microcirculation, consequently, there is an elevation of the temperature in the place, redness and increase of the visible volume of the lips. This action contributes to the penetration of the other dermocosmetic actives, boosting the results.