Dragão Chinês Ball 03un Sexy Fantasy


Dragão Chinês Ball 03un Sexy Fantasy

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The Chinese Dragon explosive balls are gelatine capsules that dissolve when they come into contact with heat and moisture. When they break, they release the oil they contain, causing an intense sensation of warmth. The product you already know, in a way you've never seen before!

Sunflower Oil, Gelatine 180 Bloom, Water, Glycerin, Menthol, Aroma, Eugenol, Neolone, Methylparaben, Ponceau Red 6 Dye, Propylparaben

Adult external use. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. If irritation persists, seek medical advice. Do not ingest, do not reuse packaging for other purposes, keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep container closed after use. Store away from light and heat

How to use
Apply to the skin, massaging gently until completely absorbed.

01 pack with 03 pellets of 2g each